About Us

There’s no long birth story behind September Threads — just a global pandemic and an opportunity to chase after dreams. Rather than sitting back in our comfort zones during a “14-day quarantine”, we found this as a chance to take a risk and FINALLY get after those goals we kept talking about but never putting our minds to. 
With a few sweatsets and bottles of tie-dye later, September Threads had awoken and after much success we have now been able to expand to something that doesn’t leave our clothes stained. 
September Thread’s mission is to provide a destination for essential, comfortable & timeless fashion. We’re all about taking a simple white tank and biker shorts you wore to lounge in during the day and evolving it into a killer outfit for a night out with your friends. Our selection brings trends that evoke confidence, independence, and inspiration for individuals worldwide - without having to pay a large price tag.