Fashion Icons We’re Following into Fall 2021


Hailey is a fashion icon - from her everyday wear to more formal looks, when she steps out we pay attention! We’re super excited to see what attire she will be wearing this fall, and we’ll certainly be pulling our inspo from her. Cool, chic yet elevated, Hailey’s style presents a very timeless aura to everything she sports.



The queen of basics! Of course, she knows how to elevate her style on the red carpet, but in her streetwear looks she sports casual staples we all need to have. Whether she wears tailored trousers or an oversized blazer, we will definitely be paying attention to what she chooses to wear this fall.


Sofia is one of the BEST dressed. Sofia knows how to rock her neutrals, but isn’t afraid to play with some bold colors. We can’t wait to see how she will bundle up some essential and statement pieces for the fall season!

We’re definitely keeping our eyes open for the trends these three will be rocking and are ready to see what fashion has in store for the new season! 

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